How can one become a successful executive chef through culinary arts training?

Earn a bachelor's degree in culinary arts or a related hospitality program. Find a job in an entry-level cook position in a kitchen. Get at least five to seven years of experience working as a senior chef. Keep up to date on the latest food regulations, culinary trends and restaurant best practices.

Nothing brings people together like food. Learn how to prepare and serve the best from expert chefs in our state-of-the-art culinary laboratories. Becoming a chef is a matter of art and skill. As an executive chef, you'll need organizational and management skills, and the basic cooking techniques taught in all culinary programs are a must.

But with respect to the artistic part of the culinary art, there is a certain delicacy and skill that can only be obtained with experience. Undoubtedly, upward wage mobility is reinforced by a comprehensive education, provided by an accredited culinary arts educator. Some of Escoffier's in-person and online culinary programs include courses that explore culinary mathematics and the cost of recipes as part of their curriculum. He earned his bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts and Business Administration from OSU-Okmulgee, and he also earned his bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies and a master's degree in Christian Counseling from the American Christian College and Seminary.

Hard work is rewarded in most kitchens, and the hospitality industry promotes from within, but the skills needed for a position of this magnitude are not obtained without an education in the culinary arts. Professional training in culinary arts and pastry comes from a variety of sources and exists at various levels of performance. Chef Skip trained at Johnson University %26 of Wales in Providence, Rode Island, where he earned a master's degree in educational informatics and technological leadership, a degree in food management and a degree in occupational science and culinary arts. Chef Jason earned his associate degree in culinary arts at the Oklahoma Institute of Technology in Okmulgee and completed the Moore-Norman Technology Center's auto collision repair program.