How can one become a successful food blogger through culinary arts training?

Many food bloggers get their biggest source of income from publishing graphic ads on their blogs. In a blog post, the blogger behind Tiffy Cooks states that 40% of her blog's revenues come from graphic ads. Perhaps the best part of using display ads on your blog is that they require little effort and can generate high performance. Both beginning bloggers and professional food bloggers like Half Baked Harvest use graphic ads because they can be very lucrative.

But the caveat is that they interrupt readers' viewing and, generally, you won't have control over the type of ads they see. If you decide to go for a more generic blog theme, you can easily add recipe creation functionality using a WordPress plugin. For example, WP Recipe Maker is a free WordPress plugin that will allow you to add several recipes to any post or page on your site. A formal education at an institute such as the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts can help you become more confident in your abilities and be qualified to be the best food blogger you can be.