How can one become a successful food safety consultant through culinary arts training?

Many times, restaurants rely on a phased training approach. Restaurants will invest in formal training for managers. Managers will then use their knowledge to instruct and correct frontline employees. Without accreditation from a recognized academic association, you can't completely trust your culinary school.

Accreditation ensures that teaching has been independently evaluated and has been verified to meet a certain standard, so always check before applying. Labor shortages have many restaurants struggling. Finding employees is difficult, retaining them is even more difficult. The solution could be as close as the nearest culinary training program, in which people who are already enthusiastic about food could become a new generation of restaurant professionals.

Representatives from a high school program, a high school ProStart program, a culinary school and a work release program weighed in on culinary training and what comes next. For restaurant operators who deal with all facets of the business, training takes a long time. That puts a program like ProStart in a position to prepare high school students so that restaurants can show them a career path. ProStart is a two-year program developed by the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation that reaches approximately 130,000 high school students across the country.

For Alex Vernon, his own participation in high school led him to a career as manager of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association Education Foundation's ProStart program. He oversees ProStart training and education in Wisconsin, which focus on “The Three C's” curriculum, competition, and careers. What begins with culinary education culminates when operators find ways to become the employers of choice, whether with higher salaries, a work-life balance, or providing training that allows them to move forward. The goal of any of the GRCC programs is for graduates to have a set of skills that require minimal on-the-job training to become productive employees.

In addition to becoming a professional chef, a culinary arts program can also be the gateway to other exciting positions in the industry. An expert faculty, excellent connections with industry and a Michelin-starred philosophy make the Ecole Ducasse's degree in culinary arts one of the best in existence. Culinary arts programs of varying lengths are available for people at all stages of life, from people who drop out and graduate from high school to ambitious amateurs and people changing careers. While a degree in culinary arts can open up a whole world of exciting careers in some of the best restaurants and hotels in the world, it can also open up other opportunities in the gastronomic sector.