What are the different types of equipment used in culinary arts?

Whether you've just started culinary school or if you've been working as a chef for years, make sure you always have access to these ten tools, Chef's Knife. It is true that there are all types of specialized knives. They are used for cooking, boiling and steaming. They are often powered by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Induction burners and hotplates, which are powered by electricity, are now available. They come with an open top, mesh top, or flat top. Cooking stoves come with several burners, usually 4 to 8, depending on the volume of food being handled. There are countless ovens available on the market, which vary depending on the energy they consume, the way food is heated, the sizes and the shapes.

They are flat plates made of iron, stainless steel or aluminum that transfer heat to food. Plates are prone to losing heat when the plate is not partially used. They are mainly used to prepare breakfast products, such as tortillas, scrambled eggs, empanadas, sandwiches, hamburgers and pancakes. Residual grease should normally be cleaned from time to time from the surface to prevent tempering.

In the case of steel sheets, caramelization occurs if the surface is not kept clean. Teflon surface plates are more durable and efficient. Kettles are used for cooking, heating and storing food. They are two-layer pots, one inside the other with a space in the middle for steam.

They are usually enclosed and the shaker is tilted for better visualization and handling of food. The kettles also have a product discharge valve that allows the product to be transferred from the kettle efficiently to a service area without damaging sensitive foods. Deep boilers are the best for soups, spaghetti sauces, pie fillings and puddings, since the quality of these foods remains the same regardless of their volume and their frequent agitation. Lentils, beans and pasta can be cooked in deep boilers.

Shallow kettles are ideal for cooking and heating stews, hamburgers and steamed vegetables, as this kettle offers a better view and less food handling. The vertical mixer with a cylinder head motor is most commonly used in commercial food production units. Mixers are used for mixing and mixing. Broadly speaking, there are two types of mixers: table-mounted and floor-mounted.

The mixers have the following standard accessories -.