What is the importance of balance in culinary arts?

Let's take the famous peanut butter and jam as an example. It's all about balance, yin and yang. When presented in the right proportions, the spicy touch of salt is completed by the characteristic spice of pepper. Alone they're good, but together they can really create some magic.

In my opinion, balance is the most important concept in the art of creating food. A few days ago, I spoke with chef Martin Gilligan about how chefs organize the food on the plate, that is, when it comes to the culinary arts, the plate of food is something that a lot of people want to know. Not surprisingly, our top academic advisor had a lot of great information to share with me and with you, so here it is in a nutshell. A variety of crunchy textures and shapes combined with tender, tender triangles combined with circles or warm with cold also contribute to the sense of balance.